Innovative reporting solution suite for finance and sustainability functions

Digitally transform your reporting for accounting, finance and sustainability functions, making reporting easy and secure. 

Regnology offers corporates 3 reporting solutions

  • Regnology CSRD/ESEF

    A market-proven end-to-end reporting solution that streamlines financial and sustainability reporting requirements. Our solution enhances accuracy and integrity across all ESG reporting frameworks through a reporting platform that integrates ESRS quantitative reporting templates while leveraging our existing interface, reporting datapoints and the reconciliation mechanisms of the unique data model.

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  • Regnology ESEF

    Covering the entire digital reporting process, Regnology ESEF enables organizations to produce regulator-ready Annual Financial Reports (AFR) and Universal Registration Documents (URD) quickly, easily and securely.

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  • Regnology ULOA

    A secure SaaS solution for worry-free tax compliance with French tax regulations. Our solution offers an intuitive, 100% web solution dedicated to the preparation and filing of tax returns and VAT submissions for all types of organizations.

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  • Managed Services

    Regulatory and technical know-how to reduce the time and costs associated with regulatory reporting.

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  • Customer Success

    On a mission to deliver the highest levels of customer success and satisfaction.

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