All the resources you need to get the most from your Regnology solutions.

The Regnology Academy aims to provide a holistic approach to knowledge management and sharing to facilitate the onboarding of new customers and their employees as well as our own employees.

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Introducing the Regnology Academy

Benefit from

  • Extending your knowledge of our solutions

  • Increase in effectiveness when dealing with our technology

  • Availability of current legal expert knowledge

  • Building a network for exchange of expertise

A single point of access to a wealth of knowledge

Broken down by products and modules, and with resources geared towards beginner users through to technical experts, our wide variety of training materials and documentation is always up-to-date and heavily informed by client feedback.

Access is managed via the Regnology Portal - a single point of access to ensure an integrated user experience.

  • Documentation

    The Regnology Wiki is an easily searchable and comprehensive source for all data model, functional and technical documentation on a per-products basis.

  • Live Courses

    Our interactive product-specific courses cover everything from technical implementations and “getting started” training to bespoke trainings that are designed based on your specific requests.

  • Online Learning

    A vast library of short and easy-to-understand video tutorials is available on a per product/module basis covering everything from the overview of new features, to basic functionality and advanced technical topics.

Training & Certifications

We offer practice-oriented seminars on our Abacus products as well as regulatory reporting for banks.
The seminars are also available as in-house training sessions. 

Customer Success

On a mission to deliver the highest levels of customer success and satisfaction.

The people, technology and resources you need to get answers to your questions and help influence the development of our solutions.

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