Fully automate the collection, validation, exchange and analysis of all cross-border information in line with international tax standards.

Key benefits

  • Increased Efficiency

    Reduce manual effort for both financial institutions and AEOI staff with end-to-end software that automates the collection, validation, processing and transmission of all tax information.

  • Improved Data Quality

    The ability to collect data in the OECD XML format or in web forms, and run it against a comprehensive library of business rules before submission, improves data quality and minimizes the need for corrections.

  • Insightful Reporting and Analytics

    High-quality data and sophisticated analytics enable the extensive analysis of taxpayers' details and the effective identification of outliers, compliance issues and emerging risks.

  • Future-Proof

    Unmatched AEOI subject matter expertise and a close OECD liaison help ensure you are always up-to-date as international tax standards evolve.

We selected Regnology’s AEOI platform due to their expertise not just in the area of IT but also in international taxation obligations as well as their prior experience of working with African government authorities

Femi Edgal Assistant Director
The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) of Nigeria


  • Optimized communication

    Supports automated push of data in industry-standard XML schemas or manual data entry with both automated notifications/reminders and ad-hoc online communication between tax authorities and reporting entities.

  • Transmitting & Receiving Information

    Fully automates the preparation, encryption, transmission and receipt of information with partner jurisdictions or other systems.

  • Monitoring & Compliance

    Meet all your international tax commitments from the EU, OECD and IRS and monitor industry compliance using integrated tracking dashboards, automated reminders, and communication features.

  • Regulatory Community

    Be part of Regnology’s community of tax authority customers and stay on top of industry trends, through our online forum, regular webinars, panel discussions and product workshops.

Tax standards coverage


    Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

    Learn more
  • CbCR

    Country by Country Reporting


    Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

  • ES

    Economic Substance Requirements

  • MDR/DAC6

    Mandatory Disclosure Rules

    Learn more
  • EOIR

    Exchange of Information on Request

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