A secure SaaS solution for worry-free tax compliance

Regnology ULOA offers an intuitive, 100% web solution dedicated to the preparation and filing of tax returns and VAT submissions for all types of organizations.

Exhaustive coverage of electronic tax filing requirements

  • All French corporate tax regimes: BIC, BNC, BA, IS, IR, tax consolidation groups, SCI, foreign tax regimes, associations
  • Complementary declarations: CVAE, IFU, DAS2, CFE 1447 C-M, TASCOM, VAT, VAT group regime, CbCR, corporate real estate tax (DECLOYER), DGE scope
  • Payment formalities: corporate tax (IS), payroll tax, CVAE, investment income tax (RCM)

Key benefits

  • A single solution for all your tax processes

    Leverage a single solution for your entire corporate tax preparation and filing chain, enabling every type of organization to meet DGFiP requirements.

  • Gain peace of mind on your tax filing deadlines

    Gain peace of mind facing tax filing deadlines and benefit from unparalleled work comfort thanks to an intuitive platform with user-friendly dashboards.

  • Save time and energy

    Save time and energy through streamlined workflows thanks to multi-company and multi-user data management.

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  • End-to-end tax filing process

    Centralize all declarations, whatever the nature of the document or transmission procedure (EDI, TD, paper), and ensure secure electronic transfer and compliance with DGFiP requirements.

  • Management of declarations from a consolidated dashboard

    Manage tax declaration campaigns and filing deadlines via a dynamic dashboard and monitor all stages of the filing process.

  • Simplified collaboration

    Share the work screen and grant customized access privileges to your collaborators, group tax specialists or chartered accountants.

  • Reporting and brochures

    Automate the publication of financial reports and brochures in your own branding thanks to dynamic interface with Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Advanced management of tax consolidation

    Benefit from a bespoke business module for group tax returns that goes beyond the merely declarative obligation by providing additional expertise through the automation of calculations and controls, as well as advanced simulation and forecasting features.

  • Quality of service

    Enjoy the continuous support of our dedicated Customer Success team, praised by our clients.

Our webinar series

File your tax returns with complete peace of mind with Regnology ULOA

Filing your tax returns has never been easier. ULOA is the 100% web solution for producing and transmitting your tax packages! Let yourself be guided by the application and work with peace of mind, ULOA has been designed to get to the essentials.

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