Streamlining financial and sustainability reporting requirements

A market-proven end-to-end reporting solution to streamline financial and sustainability reporting requirements. Covering the entire digital reporting process, Regnology’s CSRD/ESEF solution enables organizations to produce regulator-ready Annual Financial Reports (AFR) and Universal Registration Documents (URD) quickly, easily and securely.

Key benefits

  • Increased ESG reporting consistency

    Avoid reporting redundancies and increase ESG reporting quality, efficiency and consistency across reporting regimes through an integrated platform for data collection, report creation, report validation and publication.

  • Evolving ESG ecosystem

    Benefit from a consolidated ESG reporting platform and an evolving ESG ecosystem enabling easy integration of new ESG standards and fast expansion of reporting coverage.

  • Improved ESG reporting integrity

    Enhance accuracy and integrity across all ESG reporting frameworks through a reporting platform that integrates ESRS quantitative reporting templates while leveraging our existing interface, reporting datapoints and the reconciliation mechanisms of the unique data model.

  • Secured compliance

    Ensure compliance with ESEF and/or CSRD digital requirements through a tried and trusted SaaS solution.

  • Market leading technology

    Meet financial and extra-financial communication expectations by leveraging our market-leading XBRL and inline XBRL (iXBRL) technology while maintaining the design quality of your URD.

  • Unified digital platform

    Secure the production of a regulator-ready AFR/URD by bringing all stakeholders together on a single digital platform.


  • Granular data dictionary

    Unique granular data dictionary containing both financial and non-financial data requirements to facilitate data collection.

  • ESRS compliance

    Established end-to-end process for CSRD integration and predefined quantitative templates for ESRS compliance.

  • Increased data consistency

    Ability to reuse and cross-check datapoints of different European ESG frameworks and related validation rules to ensure data consistency.

  • Exhaustive digital reporting coverage

    Exhaustive coverage of mapping, tagging, validation and publication processes for your digital AFR/URD.

  • Multiple data source formats supported

    Flexible management of multiple document and data source formats.

  • Seamless implementation

    Quick and seamless implementation with rapid adaptation to existing in-house processes and team organization.

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