Prudential, statistical, granular, and ad-hoc reporting on a supranational and national level, made easy and reliable.

Key benefits

  • Higher regulatory reporting quality

    “A single ingestion data model” combined with standard calculations and extensive regulatory maintenance increases the quality of returns.

  • Timeliness and flexibility in the reporting process

    An architecture designed for strong vertical and horizontal scaling, combined with cloud services, allows for timely filing.

  • Lower TCO for regulatory reporting

    A highly standardized solution combined with over-the-air regulatory updates and Regnology managed services reduces regulatory reporting maintenance costs.

  • Improved Responsiveness

    Facilitates the implementation of new regulations and enables a timely response to short-term enquiries, such as ad hoc reporting and fire drills.


  • Extensive Product Coverage

    Coverage of all common financial products and accounting items including on-balance sheet, off-balance sheet, derivatives, repos, securitizations, cryptos and collaterals.

  • Harmonized Data Model

    A harmonized and standardized data model minimizes effort for data provisioning and ensures consistency and quality of results data across all reporting areas and jurisdictions.

  • Innovative Calculation Engine

    An innovative calculation engine leverages technologies such as in-memory processing and distributed computing to provide significant improvements in operational performance and flexibility.

  • Advanced Data Analysis

    Track your reports against previous submissions, perform trend analysis over a predefined time horizon and even apply benchmarking against other institutions’ publicly disclosed regulatory ratios.

  • Regulatory Expertise

    Constantly developed and updated by a team of regulatory experts to comply with changing regulations.

Empowered with

Regnology Reporting Hub

An intelligent SaaS platform designed with user journey in mind to make reporting easy.

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