Centralized Tax Reporting for Common Reporting Standard (CRS)/Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)

Regnology CRS offers financial institutions, their branches and crypto-asset service providers across the world a centralized tax reporting solution to comply with the latest OECD and local requirements under AEOI including “CRS 2.0”.

Key benefits

  • Increased Reporting Efficiency

    An end-to-end reporting solution from data collection, data validations to secured submissions to tax authorities.

  • Compliant and Precise Reporting

    An up-to-date understanding of tax reporting requirements plus several thousand data quality and plausibility validation rules ensure the best possible reporting results.

  • Optimized Reporting Consistency

    An efficient interaction with CARF/DAC8, minimizing duplicative reporting while maintaining operational flexibility for reporting financial institutions under both frameworks.

  • Always Up to Date

    Constant monitoring of tax laws and collaboration with Big 4 firms ensures your reports keep pace with rapidly changing requirements.

  • Hyperscale Reporting Infrastructure

    Delivered through Rcloud, a secure solution offers scalability and flexibility, allowing financial institutions to adapt to evolving Tax regulatory requirements.


  • Extensive Coverage

    Covering all transaction and instrument types, it also incorporates crypto assets together with the related tax rules for each jurisdiction.

  • Easy-to-Use UI

    An easy-to-use user interface simplifies the collection, processing and exchange of data.

  • Highly Automated Processing

    Streamlining the reporting process with APIs and robust features like advanced business rules identifying automatically reportable accounts and transactions, automatic corrections, reconciliation and submissions.

  • Country Specific Reporting

    Production of country specific reporting files in accordance with local regulations and guidelines.

  • Audit Trail

    With its built-in audit trail each change is logged along with details of the change.

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