• 2023/06/06 CEST
  • Webinar

In the last few years, over 130 jurisdictions have begun reporting on the OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS). With a robust and effective CRS framework now in place, we take time out to reflect on the progress, current challenges and what the future holds for this tax reporting regime across markets. The goal was to increase the tax transparency of cross-border wealth management and combat offshore tax evasion. However, being compliant with CRS requirements means a major increase in reporting requirements for financial institutions.  

What is the current regulatory landscape of the tax transparency initiative? What are the challenges that new joiners are facing? What are the best practices for implementing CRS requirements together with other compliance practices?

Watch our webinar with tax experts from Regnology and Deloitte to find out.

Topics include:

  • CRS global landscape and recent updates across the APAC Region  
  • CRS, compliance best practices and the way forward  
  • Working backwards from reporting  
  • Illustration of OECD CRS reporting   
  • Roadmap and action plan

The webinar is in Thai.

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Webinar: An industry review of CRS implementation and the way forward


Wasu Yuwanaboon

Wasu Yuwanaboon

Director, Risk Advisory – Regulatory & Compliance Deloitte

Xiangyu Wang

Xiangyu Wang

Senior Customer Success Manager Regnology

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