FiTAX, Regnology’s end-to-end modular tax reporting solution, will become ING’s centralised platform for cross-jurisdictional reporting across FATCA, CRS, and QI tax regimes. The FiTAX solution covers specific guidance, rules and reporting formats in over 140 countries, providing financial institutions an automated process for producing and submitting tax reports globally, from a single platform. Its implementation will allow ING to enhance its operational efficiency in meeting its tax reporting obligations, while providing robust data quality throughout the process from a single standardised input. 


We are delighted to be working with ING on its tax reporting processes. We have been implementing FiTAX with clients for over 20 years, and continuously developing new capabilities to reflect client needs. This active approach, coupled with our coverage of global tax regimes and engagement with global tax authorities, means we are well placed to meet ING’s multi-jurisdiction needs. We look forward to partnering with the bank and helping to optimise its tax reporting operations.

Maciej Piechocki, Chief Revenue Officer at Regnology


More than 3,200 financial institutions worldwide use FiTAX as their main solution for tax reporting. Regnology also provides Client Tax Reporting solutions that help banks support their customers in submitting tax filings in 35 jurisdictions. 

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