The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) replaced the existing Direct to APRA (D2A) system with Vizor´s (part of Regnology now) data collection solution named APRA Connect. The new system went live in September 2021, with a test environment published in June 2021. It is used by over 4,500 financial entities.

Our APRA Connect reporting software is an API-powered solution that allows regulatory changes to be validated and consumed instantly. It delivers perfect return data using the same technology and rules engine as APRA. Test submissions can be run against APRA Connect data validation rules to discover any failures or warnings. A powerful analytics dashboard includes full reports on performance, fund expenditures and insurance; enabling the use of submission data to create actionable insight. Our software is immediately aligned with current and future APRA Connecting reporting standards, helping financial institutions reduce manual effort and costs of regulatory reporting, staying compliant with APRA.

Why Regnology for APRA Connect reporting

Reduce costs and manual effort with the resources you have

Automated end-to-end regulatory reporting software for superannuation, authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs), and insurance is a cloud-based portal supporting a pre and post-submission validation process to enhance and improve the automation and the efficiency of APRA Connect regulatory reporting for reporting entities. It leverages the same technology and data models as APRA. By automating the entire process, you can save days on regulatory reporting each month, stay compliant in almost real-time and allocate your resources where they are most needed, saving money and time.


Vizor Software (now part of Regnology) best met APRA’s need for a modern, efficient and user-friendly data collection system that would adapt as technology evolved. We are confident that our partnership will allow financial companies to report data to APRA more quickly, efficiently and accurately. 

Sean Carmody, Executive Director for the Cross-Industry Insights and Data Division, APRA

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  • Why is an automated process important for APRA Connect reporting?

    The scale and complexity of APRA's reporting requirements are increasing at a pace. Automating the process removes errors, reduces manual effort and speeds up the regulatory reporting process. It allows financial institutions to stay compliant in almost real-time and allocate their resources where they are most needed, saving money and time.

  • Should I buy an APRA Connect reporting solution or build one in-house?

    Custom building in-house regulatory reporting software needs careful consideration, due to the costs and resources required to design, build and, more importantly, maintain it. In comparison, Vizor´s APRA Connect solution is cost-efficient and easily implemented with the existing systems. It automatically updates with current and future APRA Connect requirements, so you will avoid costly and complex system upgrades in the future.

Automate your regulatory reporting process with our API-based platform delivering perfect return data using the same technology as APRA. You can validate and test your submission data in an APRA-ready file, analyse your performance, expenditures and market share; and stay compliant with future APRA Connect requirements. 

Increase efficiencies, comply with confidence and make actionable decisions

Correct submission data

Our validation engine ensures that all data is submitted only in the values defined in the relevant APRA reporting standards and associated taxonomies. 

Automated workflows and emails

Automatically assign tasks to users, view and apply APRA updates. Change log report generation and use guidelines for source data changes.

Integration with any data sources

Easily transforms your data into the requisite XML or XBRL formats. Provides a full audit trail and trace the data points.

Reduce the costs and time of regulatory reporting

Spend hours, not days on regulatory reporting each month – automate the entire process and return perfect regulatory data every time. Join other financial institutions that automated regulatory reporting and saved money with our software. 

Leverage Regulatory Technology (RegTech)

Execute regulatory reporting obligations more efficiently with the resources you have: 

  • Automate your entire process: from data collection, transformation to submission.
  • Set up workflows, notifications and assign tasks to users easily with one click.
  • Receive real-time updates on the latest data models and rules from the regulator.
  • Automatically convert your source data to a regulator-ready submission file.

Comply with confidence

Avoid last-minute submission failures and improve submitted data quality:

  • Identify and resolve data issues in-house prior to the reporting deadline.
  • Easily validate and test your submission against the regulator’s validation rules.
  • Eliminate errors by converting your source data to a regulator-ready submission file.
  • Stay up to date with the latest regulatory requirements published by the regulator.

Make actionable decisions

Analyse high-quality and granular submission data you can trust for proactive engagement with the market and the regulator:

  • Identify and action trends and emerging risks in real-time.
  • Generate KPI and Aggregate Compliance reports instantly.
  • Analyse trends relevant to your industry in a visual dashboard.
  • Assess key ratios and performance indicators with one click.

Reporting at the push of a button

RegTech Factory

RegTech Factory

With its international RegTech Factory, Regnology offers a digital, fully integrated and automated "reporting factory" that helps to achieve significant economies of scale for participating banks and financial service providers.

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