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Did you know that over 250,000 requests for information have been sent in the last 10 years? That enabled the global collection of more than €7.5 billion in additional tax.  

In our recent Tax&Technology webinar event we discussed the future of EOIR and asked will it follow the trend of digitalisation and migrate to all requests being sent and received via the CTS? 

In our playback, you’ll hear from La Toya James, Director, International Tax Authority, Ministry of Finance, British Virgin Islands about their experience in dealing with EOIR requests. Afterwards, in the panel discussion, you can learn more about the future of EOIR and exchange via the CTS from her, Terrence Ferguson, Assistant Comptroller, IT, Inland Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance of Saint Lucia and Mary O´Leary, Tax Technology Lead.

Watch the webinar now, to find out what industry and technology experts expect for the future of EOIR.  

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