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Financial institutions from more than 50 early adopter jurisdictions began AEOI/CRS Reporting in the first quarter of 2017, and in a few short months (January 2018) 51 "Wave 2 countries" including Switzerland, Singapore, Panama, Monaco, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Bahamas, Austria, Andorra will submit their 2017 reports. 

Given that incorrect and/or late reporting may lead to penalties, firms are on edge as they tackle multiple challenges concurrently, including data management, deployment and operating models. These ramifications are compounded further by the sheer complexity of the CRS regulation.  

With the last deadline for CRS (and some banks already reported for early adoption jurisdictions), the numerous operational challenges involved in CRS implementation needed to be addressed by compliance and operations specialists alike. If FATCA projects can provide the building blocks of CRS implementation, the scale and scope of the rules became clearer and financial institutions have realized that the increased complexity of CRS compared with FATCA meant there is a lot of work for them to do.

Consequently, the industry is focused not just on making sure it is collecting the necessary information for reporting, but also on ensuring that the appropriate governance procedures are in place to allow it to be accessed easily, and that clients are aware of – and on board with – the requirements.

Webinar - CRS: lessons learned from phase one implementation - October 2017

Marcus Evans and Regnology set out to understand how the industry has been coping with the demands of CRS Reporting by conducting a global survey. In this Webinar we look at the following key topics:

  • Challenges and preparations by banks in wave-2 countries, from the perspective of Head of Tax Operations (APAC)
  • The results of the survey; to provide participants with a benchmark of how institutions have been keeping pace with regulatory changes and what the industry wants for the future
  • Demo of Regnology’s CRS reporting solution FiTAX
  • Patrick Wilson is currently the Head of Tax Advisory at Credit Suisse for APAC, providing technical advice and support to Credit Suisse Client Tax Reporting for Credit Suiise entities in the APAC region. As Patrick previously managed CRS compliance at Coutts Private Bank in the UK Patrick has experienced CRS implementation in a Wave 1 country and is now seeing it from the perspective of a Wave 2 country. Patrick is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, holds a Masters Degree in International Tax Law and is currently researching his PhD addressing the question 'Is the Automatic Exchange of Finacial Information an equitable device to address tax evasion?'

  • Rémi joined Regnology in 2011. In his current role as Senior Product Manager, he is responsible for Regnology’s FiTAX tax reporting solution. He is an expert in regulatory tax reporting regimes such as QI, FATCA, CRS and DAC6. He supported many FiTAX software implementation projects at financial institutions in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

  • Fabrice Chatelain has 20 years experience in providing software and services for the financial sector. He is Head of Tax Reporting at Regnology and joined the company in 2003. He overseas Regnology’s tax solutions (FiTAX, EasyTax) and is responsible for the team, software development, delivery and implementation projects. FiTAX is Regnology’s tax reporting solution covering regulatory tax reporting regimes such as QI (Qualified Intermediary), FATCA, CRS/AEOI and DAC6/MDR. EasyTax is the client tax reporting solution that helps financial institutions ease the burden of their clients’ tax filing duties.

  • Ronald Frey is Chief Product Officer of the RegTech product unit within Regnology and responsible for the product strategy and management of the Swiss regulatory reporting product FiRE as well as for the tax reporting products EasyTax and FiTAX. He is an expert in tax authority reporting (QI, FATCA and CRS), in tax reporting for individuals (income, wealth and capital gain) and in implementation of Regnology's tax software solutions. Ronald Frey’s focus is to drive international growth for the Swiss RegTech products.


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Generate your tax reports with FiTAX - our proven software solution that fulfills the requirements of the CRS, FATCA and the Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA), QI, QDD and DAC6/MDR.

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