The Deutsche Bundesbank (BBk) published the draft reporting scheme and draft ordinance on the new data collection on residential mortgage lending (WIFSta), which collects information and distributions of indicators related to new residential mortgage lending to private individuals in an aggregated form. According to Section 2 (2) No. 1 of the Financial Stability Data Collection Regulation (FinStabDEV), the data requirement is directed at all commercial lenders (credit institutions, insurance companies and capital management companies) and should normally be reported quarterly. A reduced reporting frequency (annually) and/or a reduced scope of reporting is provided for, depending on the significance of individual lender groups in the total volume of new business and depending on the number of new residential real estate loans granted per reporting agent per year. Notifying parties with a particularly low annual number of newly granted residential real estate loans are exempt from the basic reporting obligation and must only report a missing loan once a year. The XML data format will only be made available after completion of the consultation procedure on the ordinance and its entry into force, but the reporting scheme and further information has been posted on the BBk’s website. 

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