Frankfurt, 29 November 2023 – Regnology, a software provider with a focus on regulatory reporting solutions, today announced that it has been awarded “Regulatory Reporting Product of the Year” in's Market Technology Awards. This award recognizes Regnology's commitment to delivering innovative and streamlined solutions that enable financial firms the world over to remain in compliance with increasingly complex regulations. 

In recent years, regulatory reporting requirements have become more demanding, thus posing significant challenges for financial institutions worldwide. In response to this growing complexity, Regnology's solutions help regulated firms process granular data into comprehensive reports more efficiently. Regnology also helps firms by automating and simplifying data transformation, interpreting new regulations, and distribution processes, which enables financial institutions to respond quickly and efficiently to new regulatory demands. 

This award is a testament to Regnology’s commitment to innovation. Over the past year, Regnology has launched a number of new product initiatives, all designed to strengthen its status as a pioneer in the regulatory reporting landscape. Last week, Regnology introduced two new AI/automation products – Rconnect, a communications platform that revolutionizes how regulated financial companies interact with financial regulators, and the Regnology AI ChatBot, which helps clients interpret new financial regulations. Last year, Regnology introduced its Rcloud solution, a purpose-built cloud platform tailored to meet regulatory reporting requirements developed in collaboration with Google Cloud. 


"This recognition further solidifies Regnology’s position as a leader in our industry while affirming our commitment to providing effective solutions that address the evolving landscape of regulatory compliance. Our unique perspective on data management workflows empowers us to design forward-thinking solutions that anticipate future requirements by maximizing data quality and improving efficiency and reducing costs for both regulators and regulated entities alike." 

Rob Mackay, CEO, Regnology

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