Frankfurt/London, 23 April - Regnology, a leading software provider with a focus on regulatory reporting solutions, today announced a partnership with leading network analytics provider FNA to enhance the Regnology Supervisory Hub (RSH) offering with advanced network analytics and simulations. The partnership enables Regnology to provide a complete, end-to-end solution to regulators, from granular data collection through to advanced and comprehensive analytics.

With the extended offering, supervisory authorities will be able to take a more proactive, data-driven approach, allowing them to work more efficiently and identify potential issues for further investigation earlier. Real-time alerts on issues that may require investigation and network analytics that can be used to indicate possible systemic risks to the financial system are but two examples of the benefits derived from this partnership.

Initial use cases for the combined solution have included the application of a common cross-border data model for loan-level details that enabled supervisors to collect, validate, store and immediately analyse massive volumes of granular data to great effectiveness. Such examples clearly illustrate how many different applications the integrated solution could have.

This partnership builds on the success of Regnology’s participation in granular data prototypes for the FDIC and MAS, along with FNA’s involvement in the BIS Innovation Hub Project Ellipse.


“Our partnership with FNA has the potential to yield tremendous benefits for regulatory authorities and those that they regulate. We’ve seen the impact of ever-increasing volumes of granular data across the regulatory landscape and are well familiar with the challenges that presents. Solutions like the one we’re bringing to market with FNA now are designed to combat those challenges and keep the industry moving forward.”

Antoine Bourdais, SupTech Director, Regnology


“We have a lot in common with Regnology when it comes to our data-driven approach and shared desire to transform and evolve the supervisory and regulatory industry through technology. This collaboration once again underscores the importance of network analytics and demonstrates the power of and potential of those analytics when applied to large volumes of granular data. We see a future where financial institutions and the supervisory authorities that oversee them are able to work in concert to make informed and effective decisions.”

Kimmo Soramäki, CEO, FNA


“We are excited to be partnering with FNA to offer our customers yet another enhanced data solution. The ability to seamlessly deliver granular levels of data alongside advanced insights represents a huge leap forward and another step towards a modernized future of regulation.”

Linda Middleditch, Chief Product Officer, Regnology

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