• 2024/04/24 CET
  • Webinar

The recent revisions in EBA’s Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB) regulations have significant implications across the regulatory reporting landscape, going beyond just introducing new reporting templates. It is imperative for banks to grasp the intricate connections and interdependencies between various regulatory realms and adopt a unified approach. Navigating the complexities of risk management and regulatory compliance can be a challenging endeavor, often necessitating significant modifications to current systems and processes, especially in cases where banks are operating with outdated or constrained frameworks.   

In this webinar with risk and regulatory experts from Regnology and SS&C Algorithmics, we address:   

  • IRRBB updates from calculations to reporting

  • Managing liquidity risk for regulatory compliance and risk management after the bank failures of 2023  

  • Other related upcoming regulations like Basel IV and how it may influence IRRBB implementation

  • Impact and challenges on managing regulatory changes to systems

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Exploring the evolving management on regulatory compliance: IRRBB, Basel IV and beyond


Steven Good

Steven Good

Director, ALM & Liquidity Risk, Product Management SS&C Algorithmics

Anh Chu

Anh Chu

Product Director Regnology

Stefan Trummer

Stefan Trummer

Senior Product Manager Regnology

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