Regnology is a proud sponsor of Central Banking Summer Meetings.

The event will take place on June 12-13 in London, UK, and will bring together senior leaders in central banking to share global insights and address pressing issues.

Join the event to:

  • Better understand how leaders are tackling pressing issues. 
  • Network and establish relationships with leaders from across the globe.
  • Join discussions and ask questions to experts in your field.
  • Share experience, innovation and best practice. 

Don't miss our panel on June 13th, 10:45 – 11:45:

Streamlining communication and compliance: practical AI solutions for financial supervision

  • Establishing a solid foundation by prioritising quality data and robust infrastructure for AI initiatives, incorporating strategies for data acquisition, cleaning, and management to facilitate successful integration 
  • Leveraging AI beyond theoretical ideals by exploring real-world applications and identifying practical use cases that enhance operational efficiency and decision-making processes
  • Bridging the gap between supervisors and regulated entities through technology, optimising communication and regulatory compliance with AI tools for data collection, reporting, and workflow enhancement
  • Demonstrating how AI optimises organizational communication, exploring a case study on leveraging AI to enhance communication efficiency while upholding regulatory compliance

Speakers include:

  • Tomas Olexa, Head of Financial Innovation at Czech National Bank
  • Jovelyn Hao, Deputy Director, Fintech Innovation and Policy Research Group, Technology Risk and Innovation Supervision Department at Central Bank of the Philippines
  • Moderated by Joanne Horgan, Account Director at Regnology

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