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The growing number of online brokers and crypto exchanges has accelerated the market adoption for crypto asset trading. Traditional commercial and private banks are also increasing their offering to trade digital assets. Everything from Bitcoin to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) raises concerns over tax evasion and avoidance. 

Driven by the OECD´s Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework (CARF), Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and various tax regimes, financial institutions of any kind must provide their end-clients trading crypto assets with country-specific tax reports. Challenges around tax reporting in the digital world are increasing for both service providers and their customers.
How can you turn obstacles into opportunities?

In this webinar with experts from eToro, Dune Consultants and Regnology, we address: 

  • Increasing tax transparency initiatives and cryptocurrency tax reporting obligations
  • The growing impact of crypto assets tax reporting on clients
  • Challenges for banks and online brokers in crypto assets reporting
  • How to turn tax reporting obligations into a competitive advantage by providing clients with country-specific tax reports
  • eToro's experience on how they manage crypto asset tax reporting challenges and help their clients ease the burden of their tax filing duties

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  • Yitzhak oversees eToro’s tax compliance and operations team and is as a subject matter authority providing technical advice on tax information reporting and compliance efforts related to the trading of crypto assets, equities, and options derivatives. During his tenure at eToro he has launched the eToro tax partner program and is the business owner of technical roll-outs related to the customer experience - tax reports, tax onboarding, and account statement revamp. In addition, he has developed and implemented internal policies and procedures for standard methodologies related to tax information reporting while working across the firm to streamline data flow and processes, and advising on customer communications related to tax reporting.

  • Jessalyn is a strategy consultant for tax withholding and reporting of customer payments, serving innovators in digital payments, crypto, NFTs, digital assets, marketplace platforms, and emerging financial products. A deep technical subject matter expert at her core, she transcends the traditional expectations of a tax advisor to lead businesses in re-imagining their brand value proposition with tax reporting.

  • Fabio is a Product Manager for the Client Tax Reporting Solution (EasyTax) at Regnology. In his role, he accompanies customers during the implementation and deployment of the solution. He ensures that customers' requirements are taken into account in the design of the software. Fabio is very knowledgeable with respect to both crypto assets and individual tax reporting.

  • Eva-Maria joined Regnology more than 10 years ago and is part of the product management team of Client Tax Reporting Solutions. In her current role, she focuses on go-to-market strategies and business development. Prior to this, she led the internal teams of tax experts and was the functional responsible for around 30 jurisdiction-specific tax modules.

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