Adapting to the new data requirements

The upcoming Basel IV changes have sent many organizations scrabbling as they prepare to address the vast implementation challenges on the horizon.
In this article, Regnology’s Product Director Anh Chu shares her perspectives on different areas of challenges introduced by Basel IV and best practices for a smooth transition to the new regulatory framework.

Topics include: 

  • From a risk and data perspective, what are the major changes introduced by Basel IV that Banks are having the most challenging time implementing?   
  • For global organizations, what are the main challenges due to the added complexity when operating across jurisdictions? 
  • Given the increased data and reporting requirements of Basel IV, how might technology play a role in compliance and reporting for banks?  
  • What could be the use cases of AI that could aid banks in adapting to the changes introduced by Basel IV? 
  • Looking beyond Basel IV, what trends might emerge or have emerged that financial institutions should consider when implementing and upgrading their system for the current iteration of Basel IV? 

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Anh Chu

Anh Chu

Product Director Regnology

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