With regulations constantly evolving, our products and documentation are always growing more complex and sophisticated. That’s a tremendous benefit for our customers, but it also creates the challenge of staying on top of our frequent updates. 

Often, when faced with inquiries related to specific regulations or products, our support team must invest significant time delving into the documentation or even our source code to provide accurate and informed responses. 

Get your regulatory questions answered in real-time

Regnology Chatbot is an AI-powered regulatory reporting support tool designed to help our internal and external users obtain accurate answers to time-sensitive inquiries in a streamlined manner.

The chatbot leverages natural language processing (NLP) to understand complex regulatory terminology and queries.
Compliance analysts and reporting specialists can interact with the chatbot in a conversational manner, saving time and reducing the workload associated with deciphering complex regulations and addressing diverse regulatory reporting questions.

Access valuable regulatory information and the wealth of knowledge within Regnology

Regnology Chatbot is trained, developed and grounded by a combination of official regulatory webpages, historical reporting data and codebase and Regnology internal documentation. Through these inputs, it can efficiently find the most relevant information to answer user queries for retrieval-augmented generation, ensuring a fast and accurate response.

Regnology Chatbot represents an important milestone in the application of AI-powered capabilities for regulatory reporting. 

We stand ready to enhance and refine this tool for the future of regulation, technology and beyond.

Antoine Moreau Chief Information Officer

Key benefits

  • A reliable source for regulatory inquiries

    Regnology Chatbot is built to explain complex regulatory topics in straightforward, easy-to-understand language, empowering regulators and the regulated with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

  • Available 24/7

    The constant availability of Regnology Chatbot ensures that customers can access support at their convenience, irrespective of time zones or traditional business hours.

  • Improved customer experience

    Regnology Chatbot can handle multiple customer queries simultaneously providing quick and accurate responses, reducing wait times, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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