Supporting your ESG reporting requirements through a powerful finance and risk regulatory data engine

Regnology ESG offers banks an efficient ESG data and reporting solution covering different reporting regimes including European Banking Authority’s (EBA) disclosure requirements, EU Taxonomy Regulation and CSRD.

Key benefits

  • Increased data accuracy and reporting consistency

    An integrated platform for reporting, calculation and validation with a harmonized functional library, you can avoid reporting redundancies and increase ESG reporting quality, efficiency and consistency across reporting regimes.

  • Optimised reporting efficiency and effectiveness

    An extensive coverage of reporting regimes combined with a unique data model allows easy integration of new obligations for ESG into your reporting framework.
    The platform also enables you to produce both financial and non financial reporting.

  • Flexibility in the reporting process

    An architecture designed for strong vertical and horizontal scaling, combined with cloud services, allows for timely filing.

  • Lower TCO for regulatory reporting

    A highly standardized solution combined with our up-to-date regulatory content and Regnology managed services reduces regulatory reporting maintenance costs.


  • Easy Feeding of Required ESG Data

    Additional data attributes can be included into the existing granular reporting data pool via our comprehensive toolsets to get ready with your reporting obligations.

  • Seamless ESG Reporting Integration

    Our ESG reporting can be seamlessly connected with ESG data providers and integrated into various finance and risk architectures.

  • Regulatory Expertise and ESG ecosystem

    The reporting platform offers direct access to an extensive ESG expertise and ecosystem, while expanding the coverage of the ESG reporting process chain.
    It simplifies ESG compliance with evolving standards and regulations, ensuring easy adherence.

  • Streamlined Reporting Workflow

    The reporting process is automated from data delivery, data analysis, audit and reporting, including calculations and validation, through to the supervisory authorities which enables you to comply with EBA’s DPM 3.3 reporting framework and upcoming Taxonomy from EFRAG (ESRS & EU Taxonomy Regulation).

ESG reporting coverage

  • EBA Risks Disclosure

    For large financial institutions to comply with the EBA’s new risks disclosure ITS (449a CRR) that requests to disclose climate-related risks and mitigation strategies, as well as Green Assets Ratio (GAR) and information on how sustainability is associated with their risk management framework.

  • EU Taxonomy

    For credit institutions to meet the requirements of the EU Taxonomy Regulation (EU 2020/852 and EU 2021/2178) which requires undertakings to disclose the proportion of their economic activities that are Taxonomy-eligible or Taxonomy-aligned.


    For companies mandated by CSRD ((EU) 2022/2464) to provide detailed information about their sustainability impacts and how they affect development, performance, and position, this reporting aligns with the ESRS and the "double materiality" principle. Sustainability reporting using the ESRS and "EU taxonomy" disclosures will require digital tagging in the ESEF format for management reports.

Related solution

  • Regnology CSRD/ESEF

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Regnology ESG is empowered with

Regnology Reporting Hub

An intelligent SaaS platform designed with user journey in mind to make reporting easy.

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