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We are at a key inflection point for financial services regulation. As data requirements in jurisdictions around the world continue to grow in complexity, driven by new rules and regulatory frameworks, industry players both big and small are facing more obstacles than ever in their work to achieve comprehensive, accurate, sustainable and economical compliance reporting.

Regulators and the regulated will need to join forces to adapt, reduce the cost of compliance and ensure complete, efficient reporting. Third-party providers like Regnology will likely have a role to play in the process.

By building and leveraging technology that encourages collaboration, we can all do our part to create a stronger, safer and more stable financial future.

Linda Middleditch
Chief Product Officer, Regnology

Navigating today’s regulatory challenges requires a shift in mindset

  • New regulations and frameworks necessitating more granular reporting

  • The use of emerging technologies like AI in new ways, including compliance reporting.

  • The need to pursue modernization to create efficiencies – even in the face of organizational inertia.

57% of financial market practitioners are looking at AI/ML/NPL and Cloud technology to improve regulatory reporting and compliance process.

What will you learn from this report

Preparing for the future of regulation will not be easy – but it will be worth the effort.

Read this report as we navigate the intricate world of financial regulations and discover the transformative power of technology in meeting reporting requirements.

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