Automate and streamline your CESOP reporting

Regnology CESOP offers financial institutions, banks and Payment Service Providers (PSP) an end-to-end tax reporting solution to automate and streamline the CESOP reporting across the various Member States.

Key benefits

  • Increased Reporting Efficiency

    Capturing all the data points needed to produce the CESOP reporting and automating the CESOP reporting process from end-to-end – provides greater reporting efficiency.

  • Accurate and Precise Reporting

    Assessment of in-scope / out-of-scope transactions and computation of transaction thresholds based on reportable and non-reportable transactions ensures the best possible reporting results.

  • CESOP Compliance

    Automated report generation according to each Member State Tax authority's requirements and streamlined machine-to-machine report submission to tax authorities' platforms ensure your full compliance with CESOP.

  • Always Up-to-Date

    Constant monitoring of tax laws and collaboration with Big 4 firms ensures your reports keep pace with rapidly changing requirements.

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