Swift response to upcoming IReF requirements

Regnology IReF supports financial institutions (FIs) with end-to-end regulatory reporting from granular data to reports including common data dictionaries, models and processing logic. It enables FIs to automate and simplify data transformation, report generation and distribution, speeding response to new IReF requirements.  

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Solution spotlight: Regnology IReF with Adriana Ellice-Flint, Product Director

Key benefits

  • Increased reporting efficiency

    A market-proven, easy-to-understand and flexible single data ingestion model, applicable to template-based, cube-based and granular-data reporting for maximum efficiency.

  • Improved performance

    Technology enablers such as AI, APIs and cloud computing that improve performance and reduce processing time for granular data and complex calculations.

  • Secured submission on time

    Supporting both regulators and the regulated allows for early anticipation and fast enhancements to our reporting platform, giving clients access to changes on Day 1 and securing report submission on time.

  • Future-proof infrastructure

    Cloud infrastructure combined with shared components and services that create reporting scalability and synergy, making it easy to comply today and in the future for different reporting use cases, standards and requirements such as Basel and ESG.


  • AI management of mandated common data dictionary

    Utilize the same source of truth via access to AI-driven smart connectors capable of transforming data from existing repository models to our BIRD-aligned common data dictionary (CDD) model, reducing complexity in mapping data models.

  • Accelerated data validations

    Use automated machine processing tools for syntax, execution and user-friendly analytical interface contained in the validations engine, enabling removal of validation burdens and increasing performance on granular data processing.

  • Parallel run of different reporting frameworks

    Take advantage of our newly planned Exceptions Monitor for fast and intuitive analytics, troubleshooting gaps between existing AnaCredit, SHS and MFI balance sheet reports and the new proposed granular reports.

  • Regulatory reporting as a service

    Leverage Rcloud for a true SaaS experience, managing all aspects of infrastructure, platform and reporting application while backed by a support team providing top-notch service.

Regnology IReF is powered by

Abacus Data and Calculation Engine

An integrated Finance and Risk Regulatory data solution, Regnology Abacus Data and Calculation Engine covers prudential, statistical, granular, and ad- hoc reporting on a supranational and national level and offers increased data quality and streamlined reconciliation.

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