• 2018/09/25 CEST
  • Webinaire

During the initial period of FATCA and AEOI reporting deadlines, financial institutions were faced with a multitude of challenges, including a short time frame for compliance, which greatly impacted their approach to operating models. Given that it's been a few years since the first FATCA and AEOI reporting cycle, FI's are now able to reflect, review and shift focus away from those initial challenges and begin working toward process and operational improvement goals. Essential questions being:

  • What have tax professionals learned from their experience?
  •  How can FI's change their operating models to answer these challenges?
  •  Are FI's ready to face upcoming challenges in areas of tax?

The increasing demand to respond to challenging market environments with frequent regulatory changes coupled with a relentless drive for cost reduction, means that FI's are under tremendous pressure to deal with these challenges whilst maintaining the return on existing software  investment. In response to this our webinar aims to help FI's re-engineer their current tax operating models to address these demands, including data quality and digitalization.

Webinar: FiTAX - Best operating models for tax reporting

This 60 minute session covers:

  • The reporting context: global transparency tax initiatives
  • Best operating models
  • Outsource, build, buy or SaaS
  • Trends and next steps
Fabrice Chatelain

Fabrice Chatelain

Rémi Grossmann

Rémi Grossmann

Head of Regulatory Tax Regnology


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