Streamlined communication across the full regulatory reporting communication cycle

Rconnect is a communication and case management tool designed to streamline communication between financial regulators and regulated financial institutions.

Assisted by AI, Rconnect provides greater visibility, control and efficiency for all parties across the full regulatory reporting communication cycle.

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Solution spotlight: Rconnect, with Alexander Becht, Senior Product Manager

Key benefits

  • Increase communication efficiencies

    Centralized stream of messages into one platform allows to eliminate multiple siloed and manual processes and efficiently manage communication.

  • Fasten resolution on regulatory queries

    Real-time notifications speed up the clarification process when addressing incomplete or invalid submissions and outstanding requests.

  • Keep track of all submission deadlines and requirements

    Integrated schedulers enable both regulators and the regulated to keep track of all submission deadlines and varying requirements. The system automatically notifies users when submission deadlines approach, become due or are already overdue.

  • Enhance audit-proof tracking of all regulatory communications

    All communications are systematically tracked through case management and identified with timestamps, user information and status, enabling comprehensive, audit-proof transparency.

Regnology’s technology is helping to bridge the communication gap between regulators and financial services companies. Its work with a European supervisor during the period under review showcased its ability to support a streamlined regulatory communications function.

Christopher Jeffery Christopher Jeffery, Chairman of the Central Banking Awards Committee and Editor-in-Chief
Central Banking


  • Streamlined communications in one place

    Creating a unified approach and consolidated platform to view and track all communications regarding submissions, feedback and ad-hoc data requests between regulators and the regulated.

  • Automated workflow

    Leveraging AI technology, unstructured communication are analyzed and organized to automate workflows and create tasks and notifications.

  • Standardized communication formats

    A standardized, streamlined process for various communication formats like emails, file transfers or portal secured messaging, no matter how many regulators or regulated entities you serve.

  • Real-time oversight

    On-going real-time monitoring of open cases and requests means you can always be up to date with all inbound and outbound communication.

  • Vendor agnostic

    Accessible to both Regnology clients and non-clients, the solution can be seamlessly integrated into supervisors’ data collection platform or any financial institutions’ regulatory reporting framework with ease.

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