Regnology's CEO, Rob Mackay, was recently invited on the Innovators’ Exchange, Oliver Wyman's podcast featuring leaders in financial software, data, and technology.

Oliver Wyman's Hiten Patel and Sean Farrar sat down with Rob Mackay to discuss his journey in the industry, the current state of technology in regulatory reporting, and future trends in the RegTech industry.

The episod covers:

  • Rob's background and journey in the financial technology sector, as well as his personal challenges and learnings from his career.
  • The importance of automation and efficiency in regulatory reporting and challenges around the adoption of new technologies.
  • The use of cloud computing in regulatory reporting.
  • Future trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry – including the need for data quality and governance and the potential cost savings through automation.
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Intersections of regulatory reporting and technology | A discussion with Regnology's Rob Mackay

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