We make it easier for central banks, regulators and supervisory authorities to collect the right data, identify risks and gain insight to make decisions faster in continually changing markets.

Our Vizor SupTech platform automates the full supervisory lifecycle, helping financial regulators to improve data quality to enable more efficient and effective supervision. We support:

  • European regulatory frameworks defined by the ECB, EBA and EIOPA
  • International regulatory data models, standards and best practices as defined by the BCBS (Basel II, Basel III, Basel IV), IAIA, IOSCO and the IFRS

Why Regnology for financial regulation?

Data collection, risk-based supervision and data analysis

Supervise effectively with high-quality data

With our Vizor SupTech platform, financial regulators can collect data and generate assessment reports, including licensing new market participants and managing master data. Once the data is collected, regulators can use it to assess entity risks and prioritise resources on the areas of highest impact but also conduct extensive analysis and use the insights for proactive engagement with the market.

Join 50 innovative regulators who manage their supervisory lifecycle, monitor risk and assess compliance with our software.

Vizor SupTech platform already enables a number of data collections at the Bank. This platform has an advanced toolset that can rapidly adapt to meet future needs.

Beju Shah, Domain Lead - Data Collection & Publication, The Bank of England

Vizor Software (now part of regnology) best met APRA’s need for a modern, efficient and user-friendly data collection system that would adapt as technology evolved. We are confident that partnership with Vizor will allow financial companies to report data to APRA more quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Sean Carmody, Executive Director for the Cross-Industry Insights and Data Division, APRA

Vizor (now part of Regnology) helped us to manage our prudential data collection and the licensing of financial institutions. Our regulated entities can now upload their data automatically via the API, decreasing the amount of human interaction when submitting the data.

Michael Mensah, Director of ICT, Bank of Ghana

Awards for innovation and expertise

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