Validate and test your submission data, analyse your performance, expenditures and market share, and stay compliant with future requirements. 

APRA Connect Reporting

APRA Connect Reporting is a cloud-based portal automating end-to-end regulatory reporting software for superannuation, authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs), and insurance.

It supports the pre and post-submission validation process, and is used by over 4,500 financial entities. 

MAS Regulatory Reporting

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) requires financial institutions to report over 7,700 unique data points through Regnology's Data Collection Gateway (DCG).

Our end-to-end cloud-based MAS regulatory reporting solution allows regulatory changes to be validated and consumed instantly.


Key benefits

  • Stay Compliant

    Use the same technology and rule engines used by regulators and avoid last-minute submission failures.

  • Receive instant updates

    Stay up to date with the latest data models and rules with the automated notification system.

  • Save time and money

    Eliminate manual effort and errors by automatically converting your Excel data to a regulator-compliant submission file.

  • Gather valuable insights

    Customise dashboards to provide trend analysis and pull out KPIs for compliance with reporting requirements.

Reduce the costs and time of regulatory reporting

Increase efficiencies, comply with confidence and make actionable decisions

  • Correct submission data

    Our validation engine ensures that all data is submitted only in the values defined in the relevant reporting standards and associated taxonomies.

  • Automate workflows and emails

    Automatically assign tasks to users, view and apply updates. Change log report generation and use guidelines for source data changes.

  • Integrate with any data sources

    Easily transforms your data into the requisite XML or XBRL formats. Provides a full audit trail and trace the data points.

  • Comply with confidence

    Avoid last-minute submission failures and improve submitted data quality

  • Make actionable decisions

    Analyze high-quality and granular submission data you can trust for proactive engagement with the market and the regulator

Abacus Data Preparation and Calculation Engine

An integrated Finance and Risk Regulatory data solution.

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