Regnology and Google Cloud are teaming up to host a series of meetups across European cities to delve into the groundbreaking Rcloud platform and its transformative impact on the financial services industry. 

During this half-day event in Zurich, local practitioners are invited to network and share perspectives on how financial services institutions (FSIs) can safely rely on hyperscale cloud technology to augment their regulatory tax and client tax reporting and improve responsiveness through ultra-elastic scalability, reliable infrastructure and always up-to-date reporting systems.  

You will also hear practical experience and key takeaways from FSIs. 

The event will be followed by a drink reception, a unique opportunity to mingle and network with peers and our experts.

This is an invite-only event. 

    1. Business lunch

      An opportunity to mingle and network with peers and experts.

    2. Keynote by Google

    3. Motivation behind the Rcloud initiative

      Insights from Maciej Piechocki, CRO at Regnology.

    4. Feedback from the market

      The client’s voice plus additional insights.

    5. Regnology’s Rcloud Platform

      An exclusive presentation by Steffen Dangmann, Rcloud Chief Architect at Regnology.

    6. Rcloud and beyond

      New Rcloud based services and offerings, such as Rconnect.

    7. Q&A and closing