FRANKFURT, GERMANY, March 19, 2024 – Regnology, a leading software provider with a focus on regulatory reporting solutions, announced today that it has been awarded the 2024 Central Banking Regulatory Technology Services Award for its innovative Rconnect solution. This award recognizes Regnology's commitment to developing cutting-edge technology to assist central banks and supervisors in managing the increasing complexity of regulatory data collection and reporting.

The Central Banking judges praised Regnology for its development of Rconnect, noting the critical importance the solution provides in assisting central banks and supervisors manage communications as data collection becomes more granular and frequent. 


“Regnology’s technology is helping to bridge the communication gap between regulators and financial services companies. Its work with a European supervisor during the period under review showcased its ability to support a streamlined regulatory communications function.”

Christopher Jeffery, Chairman of the Central Banking Awards Committee and Editor-in-chief of Central Banking


Rconnect helps address these correspondence challenges by creating a case-management system that allows central bankers and supervisors to see the stream of messages around submissions in one place. It also creates a central repository from which to unleash the potential of artificial intelligence.

Regnology’s CPO, Linda Middleditch, commented on the award win saying: "We are thrilled to have won Central Banking's Regulatory Technology Services Award 2024. With our focus on bringing safety and stability to the financial markets, this award is evidence that we are on the right path. We are extremely privileged to rely on a customer base of over 70 supervisors around the globe, giving us a firsthand understanding of the most pressing challenges within the evolution of regulatory reporting.”  

Middleditch continued: “Over the past few years, we have made considerable enhancements to our offering, expanding it into our Regnology Supervisory Hub (RSH), a full suite of SupTech solutions designed with near real-time supervision, granular data and AI in mind. We are equally excited to continue innovating in this space with Rconnect, our streamlined communications solution, and we are particularly proud to see our initiative to bridge the communication gap between the financial companies and regulators being recognized." 

Regnology's success with Rconnect showcases the company's ongoing commitment to delivering reliable solutions that streamline regulatory reporting processes and promote greater efficiency within the financial industry. With over 35,000 financial institutions relying on their services globally, Regnology continues to demonstrate leadership in providing comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for regulatory reporting and compliance.