The international client tax reporting solution EasyTax has been further developed and now supports PostgreSQL as an additional relational database. PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 30 years of active development that has earned a strong reputation for its reliability, its feature robustness, and its performance. It also allows full commercial use free of charge. BearingPoint has decided to further develop the standard software solution EasyTax to utilize open source technology and to align EasyTax with the offerings of the most common cloud infrastructure and platform providers.

Ronald Frey, Chief Product Officer, BearingPoint RegTech, says: “To support PostgreSQL as a database in addition to the major commercial relational database management systems is another step to support our clients in optimizing their total costs of ownership for tax reporting. This improvement also must be seen in the context of other new technologies, trends and services we will see in the future, such as offerings like Tax Reporting as a Cloud Service.

The development step also matches the current plans of many big international banks to move their infrastructure towards standardized cloud environments where PostgreSQL can often be found as part of the standard offering. In addition, an increasing number of banks have started to add PostgreSQL to their internal technology stack.

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