A large Swiss bank decides to expand its collaboration with BearingPoint by implementing EasyTax for Australian and Indonesian private clients tax reporting. Covering on and off-shore client reporting, these modules are based on BearingPoint’s EasyTax software platform, and include APAC specific regulations as part of the modules’ tax logic.

The Swiss bank, operating in several countries in APAC, is dealing with the growing reporting demand from private clients in different off- and on-shore markets. EasyTax’ capability of delivering Asian-Pacific country tax reports for private clients was a key factor for the bank’s decision for EasyTax. Besides, the Swiss bank already uses EasyTax in Switzerland, and the APAC modules can be operated on an existing EasyTax installation with minimal interface adaptions. After implementing the Australian module, the bank intends to extend the offering of tax reporting for other Asian jurisdictions as new tax amnesties applied in other Asian countries will unfold.

Following the introduction of the Automated Exchange of Information in 2018 for most countries in APAC, we anticipated a significant growth of clients demanding sophisticated tax reporting from financial institutions. That is why we were ready to provide high quality tax reporting solutions since the beginning of the year, meeting the requirements of on- as well as offshore banks.

Ronald Frey, Partner at BearingPoint

EasyTax Australian and Indonesian on and off-shore modules include features as:

  • Tax reports based on official tax forms and tax form codes
  • Calculation logic features a capital gains optimization logic
  • Tax report output in an electronic format, according to official technical specifications
  • Investor level information down to the level of different beneficiary owners per account
  • Annual investment income report (AIIR) for the Australian Taxation Office
  • Tax report is based on official tax forms and tax form codes for the tax form 1770 and 1770S in Indonesia

In addition to the Australian and Indonesian modules, BearingPoint’s EasyTax offering for APAC is going to be extended to China, Hong-Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

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