Our corporate values guide our actions and provide us with direction toward fulfilling our vision: To create a global platform that connects regulators and the industry to drive financial stability, tax transparency and a sustainable future.  

To accomplish our vision, we have our team which is our strongest asset, and we believe in continual improvement through learning and innovation by investing in people and providing space for creativity and growth.  

We recognize the benefits of working in diverse teams across genders, generations, abilities, skillsets, cultural backgrounds, and locations. We are 800 people working in 14 office locations in 9 countries across the globe.  

To ensure that our team and our clients always come first, we ran a company-wide initiative up to create our own company values. Our values bring guidance and are lived each and every day by everyone at Regnology. 

We relentlessly strive to be the best and most reliable partner for our clients. We are Regnology.  

Be reliable and responsible

We take our responsibilities seriously as individuals, as teams and as an organization. Our interactions are built on trust and reliability. Our clients and our colleagues rely on us to walk the talk. 

Drive excellence and quality with passion

We actively seek feedback and make improvements based on that. Our clients and colleagues count on us, so we strive to be the best at what we do. 

Act with respect and embrace diversity

We believe that diversity makes us stronger. We appreciate and leverage our individual and collective skills, backgrounds, and experiences as a resource. Respect is the foundation of all our actions. 

Empower sustainable innovation

We invest in continuous learning and in our people in order to stay at the cutting edge. We learn by listening to our clients and providing space for creativity and growth, while taking care of the environment as the base for sustainability. 

Collaborate for the greater good

We have fun working together, and in this way, we achieve better and more sustainable results. We promote an inclusive environment and encourage active networking across all teams, locations and with our clients. 

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